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Fish Meal

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MAHI FISH MASALA Fresh Tilapia marinated in lemon juice, fresh ground and roasted spices, then cooked in rich onion a tomato sauce METHI GOBI ALOO Cauliflower cooked with potatoes simmered to succulence with fresh fenugreek (methi) PILAU RICE Basmati Rice slow cooked with whole spices. DAAL MAKHNI (BLACK LENTILS) The humble black lentils cooked slowly and to perfection in spices. Finished with fresh cream and coriander garnish WHOLE MEAL CHAPATIS Wholemeal wheat pancakes slowly cooked on a flat pan with butter until crispy. GAJJER HALWA Traditional Indian dessert made with carrots, cream and traditional dry nutty fruits. FRESH ONION AND CHILI SALAD IN VINEGAR ACCOMPAINTMENTS Serviettes & Cutlery, Bottle of Water, Salt and Pepper.